March 10, 2024
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If you’re in the market for new siding, you should know what your options are. Since getting new siding can be a fairly large upfront investment, getting educated will help you feel more confident with your decision. Thankfully, once you get new siding your home’s aesthetics will transform and it’ll be decades before you’ll need another installation. To help you make your decision on materials and contractors, here are 5 common siding questions homeowners ask.

1. What Materials are Used for Home Siding?

There are a variety of different materials that can be used for your home’s siding. You have access to vinyl, pine and cedar, metal, brick, fiber-cement, and stucco. Each material comes with their own unique benefits and downfalls, so it’s important to do your research and talk to siding experts like us regarding which material will be best on your home.

2. Is One Material Better Than the Other?

While siding professionals are adept at working with various materials, vinyl emerges as a preferred option. Offering long-term benefits with a reasonable upfront cost, vinyl boasts a return on investment of approximately 75%. Its low maintenance requirements, durability, and versatility in color and style make it an attractive choice compared to other materials.

3. Are Certain Brands Better Than Others?

JL Remodeling emphasizes the significance of using high-quality brands in siding installation. Premium options from reputable brands such as James Hardie, NapCo, Mastic, and LP ensure superior quality and longevity, setting the stage for a more durable and aesthetically pleasing installation.

4. Does Siding Fade Over Time?

Fading varies based on the material and brand chosen. High-quality brands like James Hardie, NapCo, Mastic, and LP exhibit prolonged resistance to fading, maintaining their original appeal. In contrast, lower-quality materials are more susceptible to sun exposure, fading, and damage. Vinyl, particularly of good quality, can resist fading for years without experiencing discoloration.

5. How Long Does Siding Last?

The lifespan of your siding is contingent on the chosen materials. Wood siding, when properly cared for, can endure up to 100 years, while metal typically lasts around 50 years. Brick, though durable, may require tuckpointing for maintenance, and stucco can last up to 50 years. High-quality vinyl, if installed correctly, can also last up to 50 years, emphasizing the need for an experienced siding contractor to ensure optimal longevity.

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